I’ll Never Be The Same- Haiti 2017

Late last night I returned from the best week of my life.

That’s a pretty common line to hear from people who come back from missions trips, but my heart is full and true as I type that.

In one week I found my purpose, my renewed faith, and my self.

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.

Background: For a week a large group and I spent our days in Haiti (Port-au-Prince area) connecting with children in an orphanage as we conducted medical and children’s outreaches around the area- all the way up to the tops of Canaan.

I knew before I took part in this adventure that it would affect me, but I was not prepared for how deeply it would change me.

Here is how it changed my mind…

  1. The Churches- Every service we attended in the area was filled with the Holy Spirit. The energy and passion these people have for God is inspiring. Families would walk up mountains in 100 degree weather or in pouring rain to worship our Lord. They would dance in praise in a stuffy, small cement church for hours on end with sweat dripping down every part of their bodies. If people with very little can praise without ceasing, what is my excuse?
  2. God’s Love- In a different country with a different culture around different people speaking a different language, God was there. God loves the different in us. His love is so vast that we could go anywhere and He will be there. His love is so great that all people on this Earth, despite our differing ways, fall under his adoring affection. Sometimes I felt like God couldn’t see me, but this proved otherwise.

Here is how it changed my faith…

  1. Deeper- I didn’t realize how far from God I was before this trip. I have grown so much in my faith over the past couple of years that if you asked me before Haiti, I would’ve told you that I was doing great. It wasn’t until my everyday became based around solely serving Him and His people that I realized how much more I need to grow in Him.
  2. Need- It’s so easy to follow God while you’re on a missions trip because that’s what you’re there for. Your everyday activities are faith based and the group you’re with is also spiritually goal-oriented. But after my experience with that kind of connection and relationship with our Father, I can’t live another day not surrounded by Him. It isn’t just a want anymore- it’s a need. I need Him. I crave His grace and glory.

All I learned from this trip cannot be put into one blog post. For most of the things I saw and felt, I don’t even have words. But the truth in this post is that serving others serves both yourself and your relationship with God. I’ve experienced it first hand now and I would highly recommend it to anyone. My life will forever be changed by these seven days I spent in the smoldering sun loving and serving the people of Haiti. And I thank them for helping me grow.


One Reply to “I’ll Never Be The Same- Haiti 2017”

  1. Amber you are an amazing woman of God and I know He has great plans to use you to bring others to Him and to serve. I am so proud to call you my Granddaughter. I love you.


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