Let Me Be Transparent

Recently, I befriend an inspiring woman who lives by her quote- “transparency brings victory.” I couldn’t agree more. Sure it can vulnerable and scary when you’re being open with others, but being real gives us a freedom only truth can hold. So, let me transparent with you.

I haven’t written in about two weeks. I would sit down at my favorite coffee shop and stare at this blank screen racking my brain for ideas on what to write. But there was nothing on my heart to share. If I’m being honest, I think that’s because I was completely lost for those 14 days. I know there’s at least one of you reading thinking “as a follower of Jesus, you can’t be lost because he’s always with you,” but if we are being transparent, that’s not always the case. Sometimes we allow our situations to distance ourselves from Christ and I recognize that’s what was happening.

I’ve been living with my whole life in my car for about a month now- couch hopping, eating whatever take out I can afford that day, and living without my bible that got lost in the clutter of my trunk. I was emotionally drained, spiritually tired, and mentally wrecked. I had nothing to write and share with you all because I couldn’t even think of words of advice for myself.

The past month has drained a lot of things out of me. But not my faith. Though I may have distanced myself a little, I never lost sight of what mattered and I knew I was not alone in this valley. I now have a bed to sleep in thanks to a church family. I have food in my stomach thanks to my paying jobs. I have a place to move into thanks to a manager. I have a purpose and a life thanks to my God.

Here’s the truth. Transparency is cool and God is good. We can be broken and lost, pushing God away like a distant relative, but He is a caretaker and if we are transparent with Him, He will be gracious to us. Whether we are living on the streets, going through a hard divorce, struggling with addiction- whatever it is- God favors when we are open and honest with him. But transparency is also needed between us as bothers and sisters. By sharing our struggles, our brokenness, and our God-given victories, we allow others to learn how great our Lord is. Sure it’s hard. No one likes to admit they’re broken or that they’ve sinned. But if we conceal the truth in our lives- no matter how terrible or embarrassing- we suppress both our freedom and another’s chance in growth.

If you’d like to get to know more about the amazing woman who inspired my blog on transparency- check out her movement of love at Turn My Life Up.


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